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Twitter metadata used compared to related works

Our metadataList of metadata from [4]List of metadata from [3]List of metadata from [17]
Amount of followerFollowers tweets ratioAmount of tweetsAmount of followers
Amount of followingFavorite tweets to tweets ratioAmount of followersAmount of following
Amount of tweetsHashtag to words ratioTotal of tweets and rewteetsAmount of mentionsb
Amount of favoritesRetweets to retweeted ratioAmount of favoritesAmount of repliesb
Amount of retweetsListed countaUser’s genderaAmount of hashtagsb
Amount of retweetedLink coloraListed countaAmount of urlsb
Amount of mentionText colora-Average word per tweet
Amount of quoteBorder colora-Density of social network
Amount of repliesBackground colora--
Amount of hashtagDefault profile picturea--

Color hex code, listed count, profile picture, and user gender is not stored in the dataset. It is possible that the user has changed any of it or they have their account suspended. Revising the account risks not only more resource, but also requires revising the manual personality labelling done by the expert, as their personality may have changed [18, 19].

The metadata uses both sum and average per tweet [17].

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